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Your car is the second most expensive thing you’re ever going to buy, so why leave it unprotected?

We work in partnership with both the AA  & RAC to give you the best protection available.

All of our cars have a RAC approved inspection when they arrive on-site and leave here with a fresh 12-month MOT, warranty and 12 months breakdown cover.

We offer up to 36 months warranty on all of our cars that includes mechanical, electrical, parts, labour, VAT and diagnostics.

Life Shine

We have partnered with AutoGlym to Provide LifeShine on all of our cars.

That gives the car lifetime protection from spills and stains on the interior of the car including leather, cloth upholstery, floorcarpets, boot, and roof lining.

On the exterior, it protects against UV rays, Acid rain, air pollutants,
birdlime, tree sap and road grit to give you that showroom shine all year round.


Here at MotorAid we like to think we’re the main dealer alternative with manufacturer equipment and customer service but without the price tag.

Cars can be expensive when they go wrong so having them serviced regularly is important.

We offer service plans on all the cars we sell, and they’re tailored to your specific car and the number of miles that you do meaning you get the most competitive price.